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Jim Selvidge and Trillis Parker provide the resource tools that allow clients to create a second income from investing in Thoroughbred race outcomes. For some, this has become their primary occupation. As an example, the Selvidge-Parker TRULINE BBS posted four-horse contention for 442 Trifectas, which produced 35% Wins and a net profit of $40,000. Superperfectas added another $15,000. Other parts of the Wagering Portfolio generated an ROI (Return on Investment) of up to $4.56 for each dollar circulated, a product of optimum wagering strategy.

Parimutuel profits are a product of knowledge, job skills that a person applies in a professional pursuit. In today's technology, there are dozens of race tracks available each week. Which to play and when? Which particular races are high probability, and which say "Pass!"? These are two of many questions answered by Jim and Trillis in teaching "the business of racing investments".

Browse through their Website. They will take you through revelations found nowhere else. In 2002, they will limit to 100 clients who wish to pursue this specialized occupation, If you have any interest in Thoroughbred racing, make this Site a regular visitation. For further explanations and information, you can reach them via E-Mail:

What might you experience? The duo recently received a memo from H.B. of Chicago (an attorney): "At Hawthorne Park, on Friday TRULINE had the winner in eight of ten races. It had the Superperfecta cold, $9400 for a $24 investment". Watch this Web Site if you are interested in horse racing. You will learn what others won't tell you. See links for examples, more to follow, and visit "Order Form".

Learn why TRULINE BBS subscribers scored a $15,712.40 Trifecta at Lone Star race track in Texas, why TRULINE is unique among computer analysis of Thoroughbred competitions, and why it generates Win payoffs of $40+ to $140+ with regularity (for each $2 wagered) when no other handicapping software can demonstrate this performa.

And, finally, explore what you can learn from Trillis Parker. No one is her equal in the total understanding of the Thoroughbred athlete and the horse/trainer relationship. Check out the fifteen initial postings, which represent but a tip of the mountain of knowledge available to BBS subscribers and TRULINE Users. Then E-Mail for more information.  

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